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Behind the Mask

A Revealing Look at Twelve of the Greatest Goalies in Hockey History

“This book is a kick save and a beauty. Randi Druzin unmasks legendary goaltenders of the modern era, telling their wonderful stories as only she can in this gem of a book.”

—Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun sports columnist


This sequel to Between the Pipes includes profiles of 12 legendary NHL goalies from the past half-century, emphasizing the trait that make each one unique. Roger Crozier, who suffered from nerves and stomach ailments, is featured in the book as is Tony Esposito, a goalie whose brilliance was overshadowed by that of his famous brother. Behind the Mask also looks at contemporary goalies such as the jovial Marc-Andre Fleury and Carey Price, who is celebrated for his stoicism and deep pride in his Indigenous background.


“A fascinating examination of a dozen of hockey goaltenders who have played the position at the highest levels — revealing and delightful at the same time.”

– Roy MacGregor, best-selling author and award-winning journalist

“In Behind The Mask, Randi Druzin has done a masterful job of charting the lives and careers of twelve goalies, bridging the NHL’s so-called Original Six era to the League’s modern day, with a mid-book deflection into the international game. For all of their many differences, Randi illustrates that what links these dozen men is a common love of their sport. Enjoy her fascinating, illuminating stories about these legends, the last line of defence in a game that for more than a century has been about six ounces of vulcanized rubber and a net six feet wide and four feet tall.”

—Dave Stubbs, NHL.com columnist and hockey historian