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Between the Pipes

A Revealing Look at Hockey’s Legendary Goalies

“Written in an honest voice with plain language, Between the Pipes takes a mesmerizing look back at the most brutal and demanding position in hockey, and shines a light on the careers and lives of some of the goaltending greats, for better or for worse.”

– The Hockey News


Some NHL goalies are great and others are intriguing, but some are legends because they’re both. Glenn Hall used to wrestle with a trainer before games and Jacques Plante refused to stay at The Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Dominik Hasek loved pasta fagioli so much his goalie coach’s mother made it for him whenever he was in Montreal. This book includes profiles of 12 of these masked mavericks, revealing the trait that made each one unique.


“The book is filled with the most interesting information about some of the game’s greatest goalies to ever take to the ice. It’s a Hall of Fame caliber book filled with Hall of Fame goalies — a page-turner that will open your eyes to the humans within these heroes.”

– The Hockey Writers

“This is a storyteller’s book and, as such, it is also a reader’s book. You don’t have to be a goaltender to enjoy it; you just have to be a reader who loves words, loves sports and appreciates the insights that will never be found in a tweet.”

– Roy MacGregor, best-selling author and award-winning journalist.